–Press Release

January 21, 2019

Peoria, Arizona

Cowtown Range (“Cowtown”) is pleased to announce acquisition of GPS Defense Sniper School (“GPS”), a nationally recognized long-range precision shooting and sniper training academy.  GPS has called Cowtown its home since its inception, and Cowtown looks forward to continuing the work of this prestigious training academy.  GPS classes at Cowtown are scheduled to begin on February 15, 2019.

GPS was founded in 1998 by Mr. William Graves and, for the past two decades, has provided precision rifle training at Cowtown for many of the nation’s most elite military special operations units from all service branches.  The GPS resume of “blue chip” clients also includes SAU/SWAT units from many of America’s largest police agencies.  Cowtown and GPS share a rich history as specialized contributors to National Security and Homeland Defense.  The academy’s precision shooting curriculum and unique facility have been valued by special operations units for many years and the local and national recognition from military units, law enforcement agencies, and Homeland Defense is a significant point of pride for both companies.  Future training programs will build upon these past successes and include a variety of other specialized training. 

We are often asked, “What does Cowtown have to offer that motivates these elite organizations to come from across America for training?” To begin with, it’s easy to get to.  It’s a short 30-minute drive to downtown Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona and yet it’s still remote and “off the grid” in an isolated area of hilly, high desert terrain that closely resembles Afghanistan.  In addition to easy access for local or non-local shooters, Cowtown offers privacy and exclusivity, night shooting, flexible hours of operation, spacious flat bays, long range platforms, high-angle shooting from hilltops, sniper hides, rooftop shooting, vehicle-based shooting, challenging wind, canyon shooting, CQB, movement to contact training, steel targets, a non-ballistic shoot-house, K-9 training opportunities, 24/7 security, and on-site storage.  

Cowtown is a private members-only facility open to all government agencies as well as civilian shooters, commercial training companies, firearms manufacturers, R&D firms, and security companies.  We offer group or individual training courses along with shooting experiences. 

More about Cowtown’s History:

Cowtown has a storied history as a unique shooting facility.  In 1973, Hollywood stuntman Ron Nix built Cowtown as a movie studio and general entertainment and shooting facility (mostly western style and fast draw competitions).  Over the years, more than 200 movies were made at Cowtown, including a few notable films such as “Knight Rider 2010”, “Billy Jack”, and “Dead Man” (starring Johnny Depp).  Sean Penn trained at Cowtown in preparation for his recent film “The Gunman” and R. Lee Ermey filmed several episodes of “Mail Call” and “Gunny Time”, which appeared on the History Channel and the Discovery Channel, respectively.  

Over the years, Cowtown has been a venue of choice for Western Shooting Clubs, Corporate events, Shooting Competitions, Western Festivals and Tactical Firearms Training.  Some of the best Cowboy Action Shooters in America have called Cowtown home since the Cowtown Cowboy Shooters held the First Arizona State Championship in 1981 (now members of The Single Action Shooting Society or “SASS”). 

Richard Shaw is a principal owner of Cowtown and co-founder of Shooters World (Arizona’s largest indoor range), a lifetime member of the NRA, past president of the Arizona Historical Society, and an Arizona native.  Cowtown Range is owned, managed and operated exclusively by retired and active U.S. military service members and law enforcement professionals. 

Cowtown Range is located at 10402 W. Old Carefree Highway, Peoria, Arizona 85308.  Please contact us at: