These are the general Frequently Asked Questions but if you have more questions and want to speak with us, please use the form below.

General Questions:

Q: Can civilians attend your courses?

A: If you can pass the background check required to purchase a firearm, you are qualified to attend one of the regular scheduled courses. We don’t believe there is a “secret” way to shoot accurately, that’s why we are the only school that teaches sniper shooting skills to any qualified students wanting to improve their own skills. To attend, provide a police or military I.D. or one of the following: 1. State Issued Concealed Weapon Permit OR 2. Letter from local police chief/sheriff showing no criminal history

Note: The Warfighter course is reserved for DoD personnel and DoS contractors only.

Q: Can I skip the Sniper course & take Counter-sniper or Advanced Sniper if I've been to another school?

A: Since the students stalk the instructors with their rifles and then live-fire past us/over us to their target, we do require the per-requisites listed on the registration. This is not a separate course, but a test of skills taught and practiced in our Sniper course.

Q: What if I have to cancel my course?

A: You will be responsible for cancellation fees for the slot you reserved. Do not register for course dates if you cannot guarantee that you can attend. If cancellation is made 30 days or more prior to a scheduled course, a full refund will be made. If cancellation is made between 15 days and 30 days prior to a scheduled course, 75% of the course fee will be refunded. If cancellation is made less than 15 days prior to a scheduled course, 50% of the course fee will be refunded. There are NO refunds for no-shows (please remember that if you don’t show up, you are preventing another student from receiving training). You may reschedule a course ONE TIME only, but there are no refunds for any additional cancellation or no-show. All courses must be attended within 18 months of the original purchase date or else your course credit will expire. It is permissible to apply your course credit to a different course in the event you elect to exercise your one-time right to reschedule.

Q: For military & police students what is the difference between your course and courses already out there?

A: When we conduct exercises, we conduct LIVE-FIRE exercises in/around/from buildings, streets & vehicles – where you actually work.

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Q: If I've been to a sniper course somewhere else, can I just attend your Sniper Instructor Development course?

A: We do require attending all three portions of the course for an instructor certificate for the the following reasons: you have noticed that our Instructor portion is only two days, however, this is 4 to 8 times more instruction practice than you get in most instructor schools.

Q: I'd like to sign up for the Sniper/CS course, the Advanced Course, and the Instructor course all at the same time. Is this permitted?

A: Yes, these were designed for that reason, to save you travel time and expenses. We will soon be implementing this layout.

Q: I have no long-range rifle experience. Is this a problem?

A: No, we train many civilian, military & police students new to long-range and scoped rifles.

Q: Upon completion of any of the sniper courses, do you provide certificates of completion or other forms of credentialing for an individual's permanent records?

A: The most physically demanding requirements are the 300 yd walk to the range and kneeling/sitting shooting positions.

Q: Upon completion of any of the sniper courses, do you provide certificates of completion or other forms of credentialing for an individual's permanent records?

A: We provide everyone with either certificates of Successful Completion or Attendance.

Q: Which states/agencies recognize the GPS Instructor qualification?

A: Our courses are certified by the State P.O.S.T. Boards of Arizona and Nevada. As far as the other 48 states, we would ask that the student contact their individual state board to see if they accept our state certification.

Q; Can I purchase a Gift Certificate for training?

A: Yes, e-mail us at info@sniperschool.com. Gift Certificates are valid for 18 months after date purchased.

Q: Are there specific age requirments for your courses?

A: We require our students to be at least 21 years of age prior to attending one of our courses. This is for background check and liability purposes.

Directions/Logistics Questions:

Q: Where is the range facility located?

A: We are located in the foothills outside Phoenix, AZ. Approximately 35-40 North of Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. Once a student registers, we will forward Google map information to them.

Q: If I fly into Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, do you have a service to pick me up?

A: No. Students usually rent a car for the duration of the courses.

Q: What time do we start training the first day?

A: Training starts at 0800 and we will train for 8-9 hours with a lunch break.

Q: How are meals and food handled out at the range?

A: We do not supply drinking water. Students will need to bring their own food and water every day as there are no meal services available at our training facility. There is a restaurant within 10 minutes of Cowtown Range serving burgers. Bring ample amounts of drinking water.

Equipment Questions:

Q: I would like to attend your Sniper school but I don't use a bolt action gun. Is that an absolute rule?

A: No, it is not a rule. If you have a rifle that produces a 1 Minute of Angle (MOA) group that will suffice. If you don’t, we have rental rifles available.

Q: What scope is best for me?

A: MOA or MIL style scope that has a sub-tension within its reticle with external turrets.

Q: Do you provide cleaning equipment?

A: Recommended to bring but not supplied.

Q: Since I'm coming from out of state, can I rent the required rifle from your company?

A: Yes, we rent rifles for use for $50/day. However, we do recommend using your own rifle if it is appropriate for the course.

Q: Do you sell rifles and scopes?

A: No, at this time we do not sell rifles or scopes.

Q: Do you sell ammunition?

A: No, at this time we do not sell ammunition. Be prepared with 100 rounds of ammunition, per day (match ammo), as listed under the requirements.

Q: Do I need match grade ammunition?

A: Match grade is HIGHLY preferred. Ensure your match grade ammunition has been tested in your gun.

Q: Does my rifle need to be zeroed before class?

A: No, but it is preferred.

Q: Bi pods and sand socks?

A: We recommend you have both even if you are a backpack shooter or a monopod shooter. We recommend bringing a bi pod and sand sock even if you prefer the backpack or monopod method.

Q: Do I need to have knee pads and elbow pads?

A: If you think you need them bring them, however, our instructors teach without them.

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