Sniper and Tactical Precision Rifle Training

“Everyone heading overseas should go through this course. All the tactics taught can save your life and the life of your team.”

Client #122

” …you guys are the embodiment of professionalism at its best, you are clearly subject matter experts … You provided an interactive learning environment in which the material was passed in an interesting/informative manner. Not only do we plan to pass it on to others, we plan on incorporating into our workup.”

Client #315

“Hey Bill, This is J.G. from SEAL Team 5. I wanted to thank you for allowing Lance and Jesse to train me at GPS defense. They were extremely professional, knowledgeable, and willing to help me in every regard. They made me much more proficient in sniping and spotting than I expected, while also helping me to shoot expert in the Navy Qual which is a pre-req for sniper school. I am greatly indebted to them and you’re school for what I have learned.”

Client #45

“It looks like I will be activated in a few weeks (for OIF) I will be taking a lot of skills and lessons I learned from the course and last year’s competition with me. Thanks.”

Client #67

“Nearly all techniques taught over the past week will be incorporated into our platoon training. It all correlates directly with what we experienced in Iraq in a variety of scenarios”

Client #3

“The professionalism of the instructors and the methods utilized to deliver the course material was progressively challenging, thus pushing you to operate at a higher level each day. The instruction I received during the three schools has enhanced my ability to adapt to ever changing environments/situations and has greatly broadened my deployability and further solidified my credibility as a Law Enforcement Sniper.”

Client #40

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