Experience the best sniper training and tactical precision rifle techniques taught anywhere! Learn to apply precision shooting skills under any all conditions, placing emphasis on how to fight with a sniper rifle instead of simply shooting bulls eyes. For experienced shooters, this enhances, reinforces and tests on demand shooting & mental skills.

This is the foundational sniper course on which other courses rely and is, therefore, a prerequisite for some of our sniper courses.

This course is offered along with the follow on Advanced Sniper and Sniper Instructor Development courses. You may register for these additional courses by selecting them as ‘additional courses’ during the enrollment process for this course.

Sniper Course I
Sniper Course II
Prerequisites: None
Prerequisites: Sniper Course I
Duration: 3 days/30 hrs.
Duration: 2 days/20 hrs.
Cost: $660 ($220 per day).
Cost: $440 ($220 per day).

For current Military, Law Enforcement, or DoD w/ valid ID:  ($190 per day).

Course Dates: Check our Calendar for current schedule and online registration.


  • Basic & Advanced Marksmanship techniques
  • Equipment set-up, Rifle Sight-in & Data Book Use
  • Position Shooting & Unconventional Positions
  • Using Basic Ballistics & gather data to 1400 yards
  • Scouting, Range Estimation & Field Sketches
  • Injured Shooter Drills
  • Principals of camouflage & Ghillie suit construction
  • Individual movement & route planning
  • Live-fire stalking techniques

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Advanced SniperGPS_ Defense_Sniper_School_Advanced_Class

  • Length: 2 days (pre-req: Sniper & C/S courses)
  • Moving Target Engagement
  • Extreme Angle Shooting
  • Position Shooting & Unconventional Positions
  • Holdovers – Holding for elevation.
  • Unknown distance engagement.

Prerequisites: None

Duration: 2 days/40 hrs.

Cost: $440

For current Military, Law Enforcement, or DoD w/ valid ID: $380 per day.

Course Dates: Check our Calendar for current schedule and online registration.

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Instructor Development.

For those completing our Sniper / DDM courses, we introduce the teaching skills necessary to prepare new shooters for sniper duties. The majority of each day is taught by the students to give hands-on experience and confidence to teach these skills on their own.

This course is treated as the latter part of a five-day course block of instruction since the instructor development portion is only the last two days; the first five Sniper / DDM courses, as you are required to teach for two days what was learned in those portions.

Prerequisites: Successful completion of our Sniper / DDM courses. (When registering for the Sniper / DDM courses, you may include this Instructor Development course as additional and follow on courses since we always offer the courses as a block intending for students to complete one and participate in the other)

Cost: $220 per day.

For current Military, Law Enforcement, or DoD w/ valid ID: $190 per day.

Course Dates: Check our Calendar for current schedule and online registration.


  • Instructor Responsibility & Liability
  • Coaching Techniques
  • Writing POST approved Curriculum
  • Teaching Basic Ballistics
  • Developing Drills & Exercises
  • Writing Qualifications

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Designed by our professional instructor staff upon request of DoD to teach practical fighting skills with a sniper rifle, instead of basic prone marksmanship! Take advantage of our 2 week course prior to deployment and schedule an entire sniper element to avoid waiting a year to schedule DoD schools. This is the same sniper training that we have provided to 2/75th Rangers, 82nd & 101st ABN, SEAL Teams 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 & SEAL Sniper School Instructors. Graduates will meet and exceed current military sniper school shooting standards using our intensive coaching and self- critiquing marksmanship teaching techniques.

Photos show pre-deployment Warfighter course for 10th Mountain Division. These first-time sniper students are using unconventional positions to hit targets at 1000 meters/1100 yards on Day 4 and 200 meter head shots on Day 5 during Warfighter sniper course instead of shooting prone all week. No pre-req. DoD/DoS or other Gov’t ID required.

Duration: 10 days/100 hrs.

Cost: For current Military, Law Enforcement, or DoD w/ valid ID: $190 per day View Our GSA Contract Any Questions? Please read our FAQ section to find your answer.

Check our Calendar for available dates and online registration.

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GPS Defense is partnering with Surgeon Firearms for a Big Bore training course which is designed to show students that the boundaries they once thought impossible can easily be broken.

This course is designed to teach the fundamentals of long range marksmanship with magnum caliber rifles.

The course covers rifle/scope setup and variations, differences in reticles first focal, second focal planes, and implementing MOA, Mil, and other style reticles. The course includes basic ballistics and what affects bullet flight, including how to compensate for wind.  In this advanced shooting course, students will push their capabilities far beyond what they thought possible engaging targets out to 2,000 yards with .338 – .50 caliber rifles and everything in between.


This course is for rifles chambered .338 up to .50BMG. 



  • Safety
  • Proper Scope Selection
  • Caliber Selection
  • Proper Rifle Setup
  •  Marksmanship Fundamentals
  • MOA/Mil Relation/Ranging
  • Affects of Wind
  • Data Collection out to 2000 Yards
  • Ballistics

Promotion:  Previous GPS Student $450 (10% Savings).

For current Military, Law Enforcement, or DoD w/ valid ID:$425 (15% Savings).

Dates: March 4-5th, 2017


On-site lodging & food is available for $110/day. This facility is at the range where we conduct the training courses. This housing is “bunk house style” and will be shared rooms. Provisions should be brought to the facility if using this option. Rides to the range can be provided if scheduled prior, it is not recommended to drive a car to the facility. Truck or SUV type vehicle with high ground clearance is recommended.

  • Basic Marksmanship techniques
  • Advanced Marksmanship techniques
  • Position Shooting & Unconventional Positions
  • Understanding Ballistics
  • Gathering data to 1400 yards
  •  Range Estimation
  • Spotting and wind calling
  • Moving Target Engagement
  • Extreme Angle Shooting
  • Holdovers – Holding for elevation.
  • Unknown distance engagement.
We have been accommodating our students desire to receive top-rated instruction from the same staff & facilities used by some of the best military units in the world. Each day is custom tailored to the client to maximize their learning experience and fit their busy schedules. Rifle, ammunition & all equipment available.

Since the needs of each student requesting private instruction are unique, we do not have a calendar nor registration listing for private courses. If you are interested in a private course, please contact us via the link below to arrange an appropriate time and custom block of instruction, be sure to include the dates you are interested in.

Cost: $600 per day for the first person, $250 for any additional person per day.

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