Hey everyone-Frightened by the election results, I am selling a lot of woodworking equipment for a high-end .308 AR. I personally believe that the DI and Gas-Piston systems all have their place in the shooting community and have decided that my personal .308 will be a gas-piston system.

That disclaimer being said...
I am hoping to gain some objective opinions from students/instructors on their opinions/experiences between the LWRC REPR or a 14.7 POF-USA .308. Aside from the difference in cost, I am trying to decide which platform will be more successful in taking GPS classes as well as using as a hunting rifle. Good or bad experiences are welcome... but I am NOT trying to start an argument or debate that may ensue between various owners-I need your opinion on your satisfaction level and any regrettable concerns.

I would rather shoot with someone who has a different rifle than argue against politics separately and we both lose.