G PS, LLC, a government contractor since 1998, operated as the McMillan Sniper School and the HS Precision Sniper Program while these companies were our corporate sponsors.

The GPS teaching philosophy, curriculum and world-class facility have remained virtually unchanged for nearly 16 great years as we resume using our registered contractor name.

We offer the most intensive and comprehensive sniper school in the country. We combine our experience teaching military, law enforcement and the best high-end private schools to provide the best courses and tactical shooting skills available anywhere.

Students from these organizations were taught by GPS, LLC staff. References AARs available upon request


US Army

2/75th Rangers

3rd Special Forces Group

19th Special Forces Gr.

82nd ABN Div

101st ABN Div

10th Mountain DIV

40th ID/1st Cav Div

500th MP SRT

Space Command

Military Intelligence

Arizona National Guard

California National Guard

Texas National Guard

Wisconsin National Guard

US Marine Corps

2nd Recon Battalion

4th Recon Battalion

2nd DIV 1/6

2nd DIV 2/8

MP SRT snipers

US Naval Special Warfare

Grp 2 Sniper School Staff

SEAL Team 2

SEAL Team 3

SEAL Team 4

SEAL Team 5

SEAL Team 7

Det South

US Air Force

Guardian Angels

123rd Special Tactics Squadron

613th Security Forces Squadron

52nd Security Forces Squadron

US Dept of Defense

Pentagon Police Dept Counter-Sniper Unit



US Dept Of Energy

Office Of Secure Transportation

US Coast Guard

Law Enforcement Team Sniper Instructors

US Marshal’s Service

Special Operations Group sniper

US Marshal’s AZ field office

US Dept of Navy


Naval Academy PD SWAT

US Treasury

FT Knox Mint Police

US Capitol

US Capitol Police Force


SRT Sniper Team

US National Park Service


Homer PD

Anchorage PD


Little Rock PD


AZ Dept of Corrections SRT

Phoenix PD

Maricopa County SO SWAT

Pima County SO

Tucson PD SWAT

Scottsdale PD SWAT

Glendale SWAT

Chandler PD SWAT

Peoria PD SWAT

Yavapai Co. SWAT

Prescott Valley PD

Sierra Vista PD SWAT

Apache Co. SWAT

Buckeye PD

Fredonia Marshal’s Office

Show Low PD SWAT

Globe PD

Globe SWAT

SaffordPD SWAT



LA County Sheriff’s Department

Oakland PD SWAT

California Highway Patrol

San Bernardino Co. Drug Task Force

Fresno Co. SWAT

Foster City PD

San Jose PD

San Diego PD

San Francisco PD

Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Department

Imperial Co. Drug Task Force

Hillsborough PD

Nuclear Security

Calexico PD


Chicago Police SWAT


CO Dept Of Corrections SORT Snipers

Aurora PD

Chafee Co. SO

Denver Police Department

Lakewood PD SWAT

Mesa County PD

Montrose Co SWAT

Wheat Ridge PD SWAT


Naugutuck PD

Greenwich PD SWAT


Coral Gables Police Department

Osceola County SO

Santa Rosa County SO

Nuclear Security


Atlanta Police Department

Lowndes County PD


Hawaii County PD SWAT

Honolulu SWAT


Bettendorf PD

Nuclear Security


State Highway Patrol


Covington Co. SWAT


Alleghany County SO


Somerville PD / NEMLEC SWAT


Petal PD


Lee’s Summit PD


Missoula Co. SWAT

Lewis & Clark Co. SWAT


Montgomery County SWAT

Sidney PD SWAT

Nuclear Security


Las Vegas Metro SWAT

N. Las Vegas SWAT

Henderson PD SWAT

Nye County SWAT

Sparks Police Department


Beachwood PD

Essex County SWAT


Albuquerque SWAT

Lake Arthur PD

Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department

Dona Ana County SWAT

Sante Fe SWAT

Sante Fe Co SWAT

Taos County Sheriff’s Dept.

Rio Rancho SWAT


New York State Police

New York Dept of Corrections

East Fishkill PD


Concord PD

Johnston County Sheriff’s Office

Wake Co. SWAT


Tulsa PD

Logan County SWAT

Cherokee Nation Marshal Service


Columbus PD

Wadsworth PD SWAT


Eugene PD

Beaverton PD

Gresham PD SWAT

Jackson County Sheriff’s Office


Blount Co SWAT



Bexar County SWAT

Dallas Co. Constables Snipers

Georgetown PD SWAT

Grapeland PD

Houston PD

Irving PD SWAT

Mesquite PD SWAT

New Braunfels PD


Utah State Patrol

Utah County SWAT

Cache County SWAT

Kane County SWAT


Dumfries PD


Vancouver PD SWAT

Kennewick PD

Washington Co SWAT

Lewis & Clark Co SWAT


Madison PD SWAT


Jackson PD


Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Canadian Armed Forces

Army Reserve

Vancouver PD ERT

Edmonton Police Service

Victoria PD ERT

Delta PD ERT


New South Wales Police

Army Infantry


Rio De Janeiro Police Snipers

Rio De Janeiro Military Police Snipers


Virgin Islands SWAT


Rome Police snipers


ARMY SOCOM 1st Scout Rangers

“Everyone heading overseas should go through this course. All the tactics taught can save your life and the life of your team.”

“Hey Bill, This is J.G. from SEAL Team 5. I wanted to thank you for allowing Lance and Jesse to train me at GPS defense. They were extremely professional, knowledgeable, and willing to help me in every regard. They made me much more proficient in sniping and spotting than I expected, while also helping me to shoot expert in the Navy Qual which is a pre-req for sniper school. I am greatly indebted to them and you’re school for what I have learned.”
“Nearly all techniques taught over the past week will be incorporated into our platoon training. It all correlates directly with what we experienced in Iraq in a variety of scenarios”
” …you guys are the embodiment of professionalism at its best, you are clearly subject matter experts … You provided an interactive learning environment in which the material was passed in an interesting/informative manner. Not only do we plan to pass it on to others, we plan on incorporating into our workup.”
“The professionalism of the instructors and the methods utilized to deliver the course material was progressively challenging, thus pushing you to operate at a higher level each day. The instruction I received during the three schools has enhanced my ability to adapt to ever changing environments/situations and has greatly broadened my deployability and further solidified my credibility as a Law Enforcement Sniper.”
“I just recently attended the basic, advanced, and instructor development course with GPS Defense. I have to say that I have attended a few other sniper courses who were considered to be good classes and instructors. Without a doubt, GPS Defense puts on the best sniper courses I have ever been through. The application to real world is absolutely amazing. I thought I knew a lot and had a good handle on being a sniper, but GPS Defense was able to take our sniper team to a whole other level! Ryan Cleckner is hands down the best firearms (of any kind) instructor that I have been taught by. William Graves puts on an excellent school. Now that we have been through it, we will definitely be sending the rest of our team to the GPS Defense sniper courses. Thank you for your service.”
“it looks like I will be activated in a few weeks (for OIF) I will be taking a lot of skills and lessons I learned from the course and last year’s competition with me. Thanks.”
The Instructors were “Absolutely professional & very open to new ideas & techniques …This facility is exactly what SOF units need. I.E. snipers. Getting off the base and doing what needs to be done for defeating the enemy is here. Thank you & we hope to get our platoon snipers here for the 2 week course!!”
Note: The following is an unsolicited letter from a Navy SEAL sniper graciously responding to a March 04 inquiry about their attendance at our course in Spring 2001:
“I happen to be the operator that is quoted on Mr. Graves’ web site. I reply … in defense of what I know to be a sound, professional, and reputable training aid to the military and law enforcement, respectively.” “I attended the GPS sniper/counter-sniper COI, and the material presented did, actually, change our SOP’s. An example would be the escape from our traditional “stealth mode” where we slowly withdrew the bolt, as not to extract brilliantly colored brass from our carefully constructed hide sites. Mr. Graves imparted to us that the days of hunting man and the “one shot, one kill” mission were over, and it was much more important to have your magazine fully jammed (another practice we neglected, always loading from the breech) and cycle the bolt, get back on target, and be prepared for a follow-up shot. Another SOP that was altered was the needless transition to a cumbersome secondary weapon system, or the feeling of defenselessness felt if you had an inattentive spotter, while changing positions – we shot close quarters, off-hand, over the scope with .300 WinMags, something entirely unheard of in the SPECWAR community, but so simple it would seem inherent. I attended the course with the lead sniper instructor for SEAL Team 4, at the time, and his after actions report became a point paper on the dormant inclination of sniper tactics in our community. To this day, I still teach my new guys the lessons learned from the COI, and still recommend it to anyone that can attend.””It is very easy to discredit many businesses that claim endorsements by SEALs, because there are just so many out there, and if you just played the odds, you would probably be right 90% of the time. The fact of the matter is, I learned a great deal at Mr. Graves COI.”
“Before becoming a military sniper, I was a competitive shooter as a member of the Philippine Army Rifle Team. Our main assets as snipers are our training background as guerilla fighters and as former competitive shooters. However, when I experienced the training program provided by McMillan Sniper School, I realized that we still have so much to learn! First and foremost, I give credit to Bill Graves for removing my “bull’s eye mentality” which I unknowingly developed through the years of joining shooting competitions. Shooting target papers that do not shoot back is simply too easy but as a sniper I learned that rapid bolt manipulation is very important to ensure that “follow-up” shots can be delivered once needed. During the instructor’s course, I also learned the most effective way of molding another group of future snipers. With the additional TTPs (techniques, tactics, procedures) that I learned from the training, I recommended to my higher-ups the needed changes in our various standard operating procedures. I will start my efforts of introducing these changes by conducting a Sniper Instructors Course to improve the capabilities of the cadres in our sniper training program.”
“About a week after coming home from your school, our tactical was deployed to a barricaded suspect who fired a shotgun after officers attempted to serve a warrant. I can say without a doubt that the courses prepared me fully for these real life incidents.”
“Thanks to the instruction we received, we have moved from a planning and training phase to an operationally functioning unit.”
“Thank you again for your support during this process. Your flexibility, responsiveness, and ability to deliver a quality product has gone a long way in ensuring our Marines go to war with the required skills to kill the enemy. Semper Fi.”
“My partner and I just won 1st place at the OTOA (Oregon) SWAT competition for Sniper Observer team. We utilized the drill (you taught) and it helped in our unsupported shoot thank you so much.”
“I just want to thank you for your training course. The training was a Keep it simple stupid approach to tactical training. It is a long time coming to have live fire training (train how you fight mentality), where the officers/operators are responsible for their own safety without being hand fed or coddled around the range like children. This course was filled to the hilt with various experience to include present operators currently assigned to OIF (operation Iraqi freedom) and state and local police snipers. The training I received was top notch and was a nonstop learning as you go course …”
“Well, I took my first AZ deer at 420yds in one shot. Your class, instruction, and help in picking our the right rifle, scope, and accessories has made it easy! Thanks for all your help!!!”
“Mr. Graves, I can’t wait to attend another course of yours. The training I received through your sniper school was outstanding, and my experiences from it will be proudly shared with others …Thanks”
“Thanks for your help and support w/our guys prior to deployment. You additional effort is not unnoticed and we (56th SFS) appreciate your assistance. After talking w/our guys, they stated it was remarkable training which greatly enhanced their abilities and technical skills.”
“Hey Bill, I did compete in an all weapons competition a few weekends ago during a two day match. It was the AZ Guard who put it on and had 100 competitors. I ended up placing First in overall points for the two days of matches, First in Rifle (M-16), Second in Pistol (Beretta), First in Rifle Team and First in Pistol Team and being the top shooter for the state I received the Governors Dozen Marksmanship Award. I do have to say I applied all the principles taught at the school into the matches I competed in and it paid of with the placing first and second in all the events I entered. I even rolled my thumb around to the right side of my M-16 while shooting at the 300m, 400m, and 500m targets. This provided more stability and control shooting at those distances. I passed the info on shooting that way to my team and they applied the same technique during their long distance shots.
“After completing the course and returning back to Ft. Bragg, 2 weeks later my unit was deployed to Afghanistan for 15 months. All the valuable skills I learned, were put immediatly to the test. Needless to say I came out on top. Thank you for everything you did and continue to do.”
“I had one of the school shirts on two weeks ago at the range, and another shooter saw it said …I bet that was fun. I replied “It sure was, but even better was the amazing amount I learned!” I still talk about how great the school was to my friends. Your operation is as professional as they come, and I feel privileged to have attended. The learning curve was phenomenal, but that first shot hit on the 920 yd. target at the end of the day was priceless. The country needs the training of the quality you provide.”

I just wanted to send you an email to say thanks for allowing us to attend your course. I found the training to be excellent and I can honestly say I learned more about what my rifle can do in five days than I had in the previous 6 months. If money becomes available to do so, I would really like the opportunity to return and do your Advanced and Instructor courses as well. Thanks again.

GPS Sniper Training Shoot House

GPS Sniper Training Pistol Range

O ur Sniper Training facilities provide an impressive amount of training opportunities. Our facilities offer true 360 degree range fans in an inclusive training environment that allows for unit seclusion while maintaining a practical distance from Phoenix. Our location offers a perfect balance of remote training and proximity to urban amenities. Our Sniper Training facilities are also set up to allow unique training scenarios as each class may require without removing structure. Anyone can go out, park in the desert, and shoot. Our shooting ranges are actually carefully planned and laid out sections of land that allow us to train from multiple locations around our property, including established and covered firing lines within steps of our air conditioned classroom for our multiple unknown distance steel target ranges. Our Sniper Training facilities are separated into two major sections. The “back side” of the property allows for a 100 and 200 yard range, “Iraqi” village, moving targets, multiple unknown steel target ranges, high angle shooting, numerous stalk lanes, and urban training in any one of many houses. Our new “front side” allows for a 100, 200, and 300 yard range, a multiple room shoot house, a 25 yard pistol/carbine bay, high angle shooting, moving targets, and more! Many of the functions of both sides of the property are similar, this is based on our need to train multiple military and government units at the same time due our popular training program.


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